CER Business Finance


What every business needs, whether it be a Sole Trader, Partnership or Limited Company, is ONE important thing: “THE NEED FOR MONEY”.

Businesses need money for Start up costs, Research and Development, Purchase/lease of property, Purchase of Stock, Salaries and Wages, Equipment, Plant and Machinery, Working capital, to name a few.

At CER Business Finance we help assist IDENTIFY and OBTAIN the funding requirement applicable to your business.

KNOWING what FUNDING SOURCE is right for YOUR needs is paramount to YOUR SUCCESS.

It is important to identify the FINANCIAL TOOLS which are appropriate to YOUR business and to enable us to STRUCTURE your application to the appropriate lending Institutions/s.

When it comes to knowing “the size of your financial contribution” and the question of “Security”, if indeed it is available or even required as in many circumstances where security is NOT available, we can identify the appropriate funding source.

Lenders are NOT restricted to “Banks” and there are a number of other "funding sources" which may be considered more appropriate for your circumstances.

With your knowledge of your business and if required the input of your Accountant and Solicitor we can ensure that the information required to present to a lender is accurately and professionally presented.

In the current financial climate it is no longer recommended to make an appointment with your bank manager to discuss any form of financial assistance unless you are PROPERLY AND PROFESSIONALY prepared.

At CER Business Finance Limited we have

C : Choice of Lending Institutions
E : Experience to identify and present your requirements
R : Resolve to help you succeed.

Your initial consultation is FREE and should we consider that we cannot assist – we will tell you.

We have published TERMS and CONDITIONS so NO surprises. We value our reputation.

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