Fuelling Business Growth

Fuelling Business Growth

We have assisted a considerable number of businesses by providing access to the most suitable funding for them. To acquire premises. Stock, plant, machinery, working capital etc

Over the years we have assisted in the growth of many businesses through not only only identifying and securing the appropriate funding but also through the provision of advice and guidance and in many instances through collaboration with other professionals.

Identifying the appropriate funding package for your business is essentail to your future success. Whether it is simply a stand alone Overdraft Facility or together with a Business Term Loan/Commecial Mortgage. An introduction to providers of Asset Finance, (Lease Purchase or Hire Purchase) or in the early days of business it many be sensible and indeed practicable to consider Invoice Finance. In such instances the funding provider will assess your sales ledger and may consider advancing up to circa 85% of your approved debtors.

In some instances specialist lenders can be the answer.

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