Commercial Premises

Commercial Premises

Businesses go through change, so acquiring, changing or refurbishing property is a cost. Commercial; Business and Residential property portfolios all come under this heading

Acquiring business premises at the commencement of trading or indeed seeking larger premises to accommodate expansion and growth or indeed to refurbish existing premises all requires a professionally prepared presentation to a lender.

In the current financial climate, not all lenders will entertain such requests and some, for the time being, are “cherry picking”.

At CER Business Finance we make it our business to be knowledgeable of the lending constraints in the market and be able to present your funding proposal to the appropriate lending institution.

Retail, Manufacturing, Leisure etc No matter the purpose many businesses require Commercial Premises.

Many of the considerations and issues are addresssed in our article on “Business Startup Loans.”

A business with the benefit of a number of years of trading financial history may be placed on the market at a value above that of the property value. The business and property are being acquired as a “going concern”.

Many lenders will take this “enhanced value” into account and therefore NOT restrict their valuation to the “bricks and mortar” of the premises. In instances where the property is leasehold there are provisions to consider “other” security or indeed where there is none available to consider other types of supported lending.

With property and a business comes the acquisition of Plant, Machinery, Motor Vehicles, Furniture, IT Equipment etc and the availability of finance can be considered through the use of financial tools such as Lease Purchase; Hire Purchase and Asset Finance.

At CER Business Finance we have the experience to discuss with you your requirements and if required to draw upon expert advice from other professionals.

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